Financial Help for completion of Sanitary Toilets.

When we look back, till recently, it was common thing in villages in India that people did not have Toilets at home and used to go to the village pond or nearby rivulets/ canals for their toilet needs. But this was polluting the environment and causing many health problems to the people. Our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi gave a call for Clean India and as part of Clean India programme, Government of India and the State Government started educating and providing financial help to villagers to construct individual toilets at home. As the cost of construction has increased abnormally, AMG, with support from Donors Wort & Tat, Germany, is providing financial help to the beneficiaries to complete the toilet, as part of its work towards a Clean India. We have given financial help to nearly 150 poor villagers in Bobbepalli village.


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