Christmas celebrated & BOL given to School Children. (2)

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We have celebrated Christmas with students from AMG High School, Rajavolu, in East Godavari district. AMG Founder Dr. John David ayyagaru and Chief donor Dr. H.H. Deichmann, Founder, Wort & Tat, Germany, loved these children, who are coming from Socially and Economically weaker sections and marginalized communities. These Two Visionaries started the School to provide best quality English medium education to these students, so that they can compete in the job market and secure good jobs and earn good salary and lead a decent and respectable family life. AMG is running the school since 1980 and building their confidence and giving them a hope for a better future through the all-round development of Body, Mind and Soul of the students every year, we celebrate Christmas and give them new clothing. This year also we celebrated Christmas with these children and distributed new clothing called Bundles of Love with them. The students thank the Donors for their kind heart.

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