Spiritual Work

Word of God, in Isaiah 49:16 - "See I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands”. Similarly, Romans Ch. 6:23 - “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, in Christ Jesus our Lord."

It is important for a person to gain knowledge and to possess good health, but it is more important that, we realize that, we are born sinners. Material knowledge and physical health may help us in this world, but they cannot redeem us, from our sins and lead to eternal life. Romans Ch. 3:23-24 reads “For all have sinned and fallen short of glory of God. Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” It is necessary, to believe in Lord Jesus, to be justified and become righteous.

This was God's calling in Bro. John David's life. He was, primarily, an Evangelist. His burden was to preach the Gospel of Salvation, through faith in Lord Jesus. All the social services of AMG are the confirmation of God’s promises and manifestation of God’s love. 1st Epistle of John, Ch. 1:18 says “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all our unrighteousness.”

Preaching should be supported by example and practice and to make people experience the mercy, grace and salvation of the Resurrected Lord. Under the leadership of Bro. John David, AMG is preaching the Gospel, through 350 National Workers and Assemblies in more than 500 villages, spiritually encouraging and strengthening believers. AMG is running a Bible school to train young believers, to strengthen their faith and prepare them, for outreach work.

AMG also conducts Village Meetings, Women’s Retreats, Youth Meetings, and Summer Camps for children and distributes Bibles and New Testaments. This is Lord’s work and He has blessed it.

The joint prayers and labour of great leaders, Dr. John David, Dr. Deichmann and Dr. Spiros Zodiates has made it possible for AMG to make ADVANCING THE MINSITRIES OF THE GOSPEL a reality in present day world.

Thousands and thousands of starving and hungry, sick and diseased, oppressed and marginalized, disowned and outcasts, have experienced the love, grace and mercy of Lord Jesus Christ through services of AMG. Shattered lives were rebuilt; lost souls were regained……

In this situation, it is important, for us, to remember that, the problem of poverty is too big and complicated, to think it is solved. There are thousands and thousands of people, who are still starving, sick and diseased, hurt and injured due to many social evils, neglected and marginalized by society, who need love and care of Jesus Christ. The work has to continue, because new generations are coming with new problems.

A. M. G. projects--- FEEDING, HEALING and PREACHING---are bringing hope for a better future, mending broken lives with love and care, meeting the needs of destitutes, removing stigma from the lives of social out-casts and witnessing to the world the presence of Lord Jesus Christ, whose teachings are the answer to the ills of present day suffering.

Some of AMGs' Spiritual Projects are:

  1.        Christian Assembly Prayer Halls in 350 villages.
  2.       500 National Workers (Evangelists).
  3.       Distribution of New testaments and Holy Bibles and Gospel Literature.
  4.       Newspaper Evangelism.
  5.       Pulpit Helps, ChristianM.
  6.      Counselling and replies to spiritual problems from public.
  7.      Conducting of Evangelical Meetings.
  8.      Bible College
  9.      Van Evangelism

National Workers:- Nearly 500 National Workers are ministering in Andhra Pradesh, Chennai and Odisha States.

Van Evangelism:- We go to towns and villages to preach the Word of the God through open-air Preaching and Literature distribution.

Pulpit Helps:- We publish Preaching, Testimonies, Bible Quiz, Illustrations and important News in the magazine.

Hope for India Conventions:-  Every year in the month of February we conduct these conventions.

Area Conventions:- We have nearly 30 acres in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Orissa. We conduct these conventions to strengthen believers and to share the Gospel to public.

Village Gospel Meetings:- Each National Worker conducts 3 days meeting in a year in his ministering village.

Follow-up work:- Every day people write to us for Holy Bibles, New testaments and Christian Literature. We send the literature by post, pray for them and counsel them through letters.

Newspaper Evangelism:- We advertise the incidents of the Bible in daily News paper. Many people are responding and writing to us for Gospel literature for their spiritual growth.

Bible College:- We give training to the students for two years who dedicate their life for the ministry.

Retreat for Women:- We conduct these Retreats in order to strengthen women to help their husbands who are in the ministry.

Youth Meetings:- Youth are the pillars of the Church. We mould and melt the youth to witness to the world and serve the Lord.

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