Dr. S. John David, 
Founder was born on October 17th 1926 to Mr. Gabriel and Mrs. Surala Krupamma. He was born in the village of Balighattam, in Narsipatnam Mandal of Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh, in India.

CHILDHOOD: When he was still an infant he lost his father because of poor medical facilities in their village. As a widow in an orthodox family, his mother faced a lot of problems. She became a school teacher and was working in a missionary school for girls. However, John David, as a boy had to stay with his uncles. He had a difficult life in his early years.

EDUCATION: Almost orphaned, his school education suffered a severe setback. His education stopped with 7th grade , when he developed a serious anti-British sense and tried to join "Azad Hind Fouz" of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

ARMY SERVICE: Overcoming all difficulties, he joined the British Army in Signal Corps at Jabalpur, where he learned teleprint. He was later sent to Delhi and then to Burma. 

After World War II, he came back to India and worked at the Secretariat, as a Teleprinter Operator. Then he served as a supervisor, of the Teleprinter Operators. Later, he was sent to Hyderabad,where he sought relief from the Army on the grounds of caring for his ageing widowed mother, as he was her only child.

MARRIAGE: He married a medical practioner, Dr.Satyavedam on 3rd Nov 1955 at Chilakaluripet, a semi-rural place in Guntur District of A.P. Dr.Satyavedam was also dedicated to serving the poor and needy. She was the 1st lady Doctor in this village. She used to charge the patients a fee of Rs1/- annually and shared the gospel whenever possible. They had one son and three daughters, all settled in life.

A M G was started in a small way in the year 1968 by helping 20 poor children, who stayed in the house of Mr.John David at Chilakaluripet. Dr.(Mrs.)Satyavedam, who is a medical doctor, used to take care of the financial responsibility of those poor children.

The understanding between Dr.John David and Dr.Satyavedam, at the time of their marriage was that she would earn for the family needs, while Dr. John David would continue preaching the Gospel and helping poor people.

AMG India was started with the hard earned money (Rs.40,000/-) of Dr.(Mrs).Satyavedam David. Over the years AMG India has grown and diversified into many activities and at many places. At present, its service projects are spread over in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, parts of Tamil Nadu and Odisha.

SOCIAL WORKER: After leaving the army, Dr.John David became very religious. He followed the 3-dimensional path of Jesus Christ: Preaching, Feeding and Healing. He started working with the poor, the un-cared for and the distressed, with the earnings of his wife. His wife, a very successful medical practioner, made it her business to help the sick, who were poor. When he went to America for a religious conference, in 1968 he met people there who volunteered to help him in his social work. He returned and pledged wholly to the upliftment of the poor, by founding an organisation called AMG India International.

AMG stands for "Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel". Though AMG started from scratch, his work developed in multifarious ways and it is one of the largest social work organisations in India today. His work, since then till date, can be broadly classified as Health & Education projects, With Community Care for the Child & the Aged, Emergency & Long-term relief to the Victims of Nature Calamities.

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