Dr. H. H. Deichmann

deichmannDr. Deichmann is a shoe business entrepreneur of Germany, who with his generous organization Wort & Tat, has vastly widened the scope of AMG India services to the poor and needy. Dr. Deichmann, born to devout Christian parents - Mr.Heinrich Deichmann and Mrs.Julia Deichmann -- was brought up in Christian faith and discipline and was ingrained with Christian compassion and willingness, to help needy persons. He had the same vision as Bro. John David. 

It was God's plan that these two visionaries and men of God, should come together, to care and educate the orphans, polio children, children of leprosy patients, stone quarry labour children and other poor children from slums and villages.

Both these men of God shared the same vision and compassion and wanted to show to people around them, the love of God in action. In this way, both of them together lent their helping hands, to poor and needy persons from the downtrodden sections, with their combined efforts.

 The year 1977 was vital and epoch making year for these TWO leaders and AMG India. Dr.Deichmann came to India, for the first time, along with Dr.Spiros Zodhiates, President, A.M.G. International, U.S.A. after hearing about the spiritual and social work of Bro.John David. When, he went round the villages with Bro.John Davidand saw the poverty and sickness of people in villages, the social stigma and inhuman treatment of leprosy patients, already suffering with the disease and disfigurement and loss of limbs, Dr. Deichmann’s heart melted with sorrow and compassion. He realized that, it was his calling to help these poor, hungry, sick and destitute people in India.

Both Dr. H. H. Deichmann and his wife Mrs. Ruth Deichmann were true Christians and were willing to put into practice the teaching of Jesus Christ to "Love your neighbour as yourself". They were willing to share what they had with the poor people in India. With the coming together of Dr. Deichmann, Mrs Deichmann and Dr. John David a new direction was given to AMG activities. Work of AMG expanded, mainly, in 3 major areas, namely, Body, Mind and Soul i.e. the holistic development of a person or a child. The aim of AMG is to help a person to grow in all areas of his personality.

* Dr. H. H. Deichmann was the inspiration behind all AMG health projects- Leprosy colonies, TB Hospitals, Eye    Hospitals, Slum Clinics.

* Mrs. Ruth Deichmann was the inspiration for the educational projects: schools, colleges, Adult Education centers etc.

* Dr. John David was the inspiration behind the spiritual work of AMG India.

Because of the sacrifice of Dr. Deichmann and his family and supporters of Wort & Tat, Germany, today, AMG has become one of the largest NGOs in Andhra Pradesh, helping more than 100,000 poor and needy children, adults and oldage persons, through its many projects and programmes. AMG work is spread in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Tamil Nadu. Dr. Deichmann and Wort & Tat are helping the following projects.

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