Christmas celebrated & BOL given to former Kalavanthulu women.

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We have celebrated Christmas with women from former Kalavanthulu community in East Godavari district. AMG Founder Dr. John David ayyagaru and Chief donor Dr. H.H. Deichmann, Founder, Wort & Tat, Germany, helped these unfortunate former Kalavanthulu women, who were looked down by the society because of their profession and were treated by the general society as outcasts. The Two Visionaries empathized with them and helped them since 1985 by helping them to learn some skill and start their own business to stop them from continuing in their profession. AMG help gave them hope to live and confidence that God is taking care of them. AMG is helping these unfortunate former Kalavanthulu women to educate their girl children. Today all the girls are married and doing different jobs and leading decent and respectable family lives. Every year, we celebrate Christmas and give them new clothing. This year also we started our Christmas programmes with these former Kalavanthulu women in East Godavari district. These women were very grateful to AMG for helping them for the past more than 40 years.


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