Christmas celebrated & BOL given to Leprosy patients.

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We have celebrated Christmas with the 1200 Leprosy patients in East Godavari district. AMG Founder Dr. John David ayyagaru and Chief donor Dr. H.H. Deichmann, Founder, Wort & Tat, Germany, loved these unfortunate Leprosy victims, who were disowned by their own families and relatives and treated as outcasts and sent away from their villages by the society. The Two Visionaries visited these Leprosy victims in 1977 and gave them medicines and food and clothing and more important gave them hope to live and confidence that God is taking care of them. AMG is helping these unfortunate Leprosy patients with monthly rations, medical care and financial support when they need. Every year, we celebrate Christmas and give them new clothing. This year also we started our Christmas programmes with the Leprosy patients in East Godavari district. The patients were very grateful to AMG for helping them for the past more than 40 years.


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