AMG High School students perform well in 10th Exams.

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We are happy that the students in AMG High Schools have written the 10th exams well and have secured good marks. Particularly, we are very happy that 25 students from AMG High School, Chilakaluripeta secured 10/ 10 GPA points. We are extremely happy that AMG students, who come from low income group families, have studied hard and kept AMG flag flying high. AMG School children’s performance is on par with the students from the Corporate Schools, who study at a very high cost. We congratulate all the students and all the Teachers, who worked with commitment to help the children develop in their lives.AMG India staff and students from AMG School/ Colleges/ ITI/ Nursing School etc celebrated the 70th Republic Day with lot of joy. AMG Director and other leaders recollected the great sacrifices of the leaders, who fought for Indian Independence and how the present generation is enjoying the fruits of living in the country, where we are our own rules. Student’s representatives also spoke on the occasion and encouraged other students to study well and grow in life.


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