Cyclone Fani Relief by AMG.

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With the generous support of our Donors, Wort & Tat, Germany, AMG is continuing the Emergency Relief to Cyclone victims of Rice 10 Kgs, Dal 2 Kg, Bath soaps and Detergent soaps, 2 Bed sheets and thick plastic tarpualine to cove the house-roofs damaged or blown away in the stormy winds. We are still facing problems of transporting, since, we have pass many villages, which are also damaged by the Cyclone and people are waiting for relief. Some photos from Batagaon village in Puri District.


AMG continues Cyclone Fani Relief.

AMG Staff and Representatives have been working in coordination with local Government Officials and Police officials, because many villages and many people are waiting for Relief as very few NGOs have really started the Relief work to help the victims in villages. With help from Police AMG staff could reach out to needy people with Relief materials. This has helped the smooth distribution of Relief materials to the Cyclone victims.


AMG Cyclone Fani Relief Continues. 

AMG Staff and Representatives are in constant contact local Government Officials, who are very cooperative because is AMG is one of very few NGOs who are in the field to help the victims. They are directing the staff to go to villages which are in much need. They also provided Police support because people will be restless and will not wait to receive the Relief materials. This has helped in smooth distribution of Relief materials to the needy victims.


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