Relief given to Flood victims in East Godavari.


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East Godavari district villages were badly affected by the floods in river Godavari during the month of September. Many villages were marooned and Government has not allowed movement of vehicles as water was flowing over the roads for many days. Only Government Emergency/ Disaster Relief teams and Police teams were allowed to go in boats to help the flood victims in the Flood relief camps. 47 persons were drowned and 36 bodies were found when a boat they were capsized and drowned in Godavari rive. After flood water receded, AMG staff led by Stephen Pachigalla CPRO could go to the villages and distributed the Relief goods containing Rice, Dal, Oil, Soaps, Sugar, Salt, and 2 Bed sheets to 650 families in 6 villages namely, Gaanugula Gondi, Thoyyeru, Agraharam, Moolapadu, Yenugulagudem and Dandangi.

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