Degree College for Women

A.M.G Degree College for Women, Chilakaluripeta was started in August 1993, born out of the Vision of Dr. S. John David, Founder, AMG India International. This project is of vital importance, since it opens the doors for the upliftment and empowerment of the women from the low caste, neglected, poor, downtrodden sections of the Society by providing them job Oriented Courses at Degree level.

This College, unlike most other women's Colleges in the state, offers new restructured courses in Science and Technology. The ultimate object of the College is to produce not merely job-Oriented degree holders, but to train potential employees as well as Employers. With this in view, the College introduced subjects such as Microbiology, Bio-Chemistry, Fisheries, Computer Science, Food and Nutrition to begin with. The idea behind was to send out fully trained, able and qualified young women, who would not only be capable of taking up with a spirit of Entrepreneurship, Self-Employment projects, but also employment generating schemes and thus, help solving, albeit in small measure, the problem of unemployment, among the back ward and weaker section women and thereby helping The Nation.

Under the Present conditions of conventional system of Education and acute unemployment of educated youth mainly from rural areas, Education only up to S.S.C or Matriculation is not of much use. The need of the hour is post-Metric job Oriented training.

The College is providing an attached Hostel in the same campus, catering to the needs of about 200 to 250 Students. This has facilitated enrolment of more students from neighbouring villages, towns and Districts. In addition to the Teaching, the College students are encouraged to participate in different extracurricular activities like debates, essay - Writing, painting and singing. The students got prizes from the University and from College.

AMG helps financially the poor and needy students, for prosecuting their education. Many handicapped polio-students are provided all amenities and special care for their development and for over-coming the handicap.

For the last 15 years, 12 batches of Students consisting of about 1200 have graduated from the College. Some of the students have studied Post-graduation and are employed as Lecturers, Teachers, Technicians and Software Engineers, and few are house wives.

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