Nursing Schools

Since AMG is not a commercial organization and as a large number of +2 students are passing out of AMG's own colleges each year, AMG has decided to offer them the profession of Nursing. AMG-Dr. Satyavedam Schools of Nursing at Chilakaluripet and Visakhapatanm offers General Nursing and Midwifery courses at nominal rates, so that another professional avenue is opened for impoverished children. Thus we aim at producing value based citizens in this impersonal corporate and commercial world.

Dr. Satyavedam, wife of AMG Founder Dr.S.John David ayyagau, was the first female doctor in Chilakaluripeta town. She treated the poor and needy people of the town, charging a nominal fee of Rs 1/- per year. She was a dedicated doctor, who worked for the welfare of the poor and not for monetary benefit. In honour of her selfless services to the medical profession and to the poor community, we named our colleges after her, so that it'll be an inspiration to the nurse-students to work with dedication and to do full justice to their profession and career.

At AMG - Dr. Satyavedam Schools of Nursing not only knowledge and skills, but positive and hardworking attitudes, will be induced to make a wholesome professional; The aim of our Schools is to inculcate an aptitude in the students for serving the sick and to provide the necessary skill to give comprehensive nursing care to patients in all types of illness and be a useful citizen in the society.

The Schools follow the curriculum as prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council and the Director of Medical Education, Hyderabad. The medium of instruction is English.

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