TB Hospital

Dr. Cornelia Deichmann Tb & Chest Disease Hospital is a 50 bedded hospital located on the NH 5 near Ganapavaram. It caters to the patients coming from 3 Districts (Guntur, Krishna & Prakasam).

Here we run a outpatient clinic everyday where around 50 patients are benefitted. The investigations available in the hospital are sputum microscopy, Chest X Ray. Basic Blood tests, computerised spirometry and Alleegic Testing Kits. All the investigations are done free of cost; with free consultation. Good quality medicines are given to the patients free of charge. Food is also provided to the out patients.

The Inpatients are mostly sputum positives who are grossly ill and unable to work. They are provided free accommodation and food along with their attendants. Patients with severe Asthma other lung diseases are also treated in this hospital.

We have Oxygen supply through a central pipeline. A generator for uninterrupted power supply when there is a power cut.

Recently we have undertaken treatment for MDRTB patients on a pilot basis. Currently 4 patients are being treated for MDRTB. Health Education and Counselling is also offered to the patients.

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