Residential High School, Kakinada

AMG School, KAKINADA was started in 1999. Kakinada is the head quarter of East Godavari District. At Kakinada, on either side of the roads, there were large slums inhabited by poor unskilled labourers, hoping to make living in the town. They were all encroachments. They belong to low income group. They were engaged in a great variety of bread winning activities.

The houses are thatch roofed and vulnerable to frequent fire accidents. They are awfully congested and horribly un-hygiene. The children had no schooling and many of them were child labour.

In this situation Government of A.P took up the huge task of evicting the Slumdwellus as part of road widening and community development program in 1999. The slum dwellers were allotted house site for each family and were asked to shift themselves into that new place putting up huts at their own costs. This new site is actually the old Government Daily Farm, which is now closed. However there are no infra-structural facilities like roads, water, power and school. Their living conditions are very horrible. In this juncture the District Collector requested AMG to come to the rescue of the new slum inhabitants. AMG entered there in a big way. Thus was born AMG Socio-Economic Development Project for city slum at Kakinada.

Initially the school was started as mid day meal centre, with a strength of 500 children. In 2000 it was converted into a bridge school, where children are trained as a group and depending upon their knowledge and age, are later admitted into different standards. Now it is a regular school with LKG to X standards with 1600 children. We are providing breakfast –lunch and free education, with uniform, civil clothes, shoes and socks, Notes & Text Books and stationery.

AMG schools aim at the holistic development of a child i.e. development of the Body, Mind and Soul, in order to mould the personality of a child into as a productive and constructive citizen of the country. Keeping this in view ample opportunities are provided for games and sports and good food is provided for their bodily development. Teaching is done on the best levels and children are encouraged to participate in different extracurricular activities like debate/ essay writing/ painting/ singing competitions Sports and games etc., to instil in them the spirit of competitiveness. These help the child to better utilize his Physical and mental faculties and brings out latent talents in the child. Children are also encouraged to learn spirituality to make them full persons. Children in AMG schools are provided with the following amenities to make their stay comfortable and live in a decent and dignified environment.

It is the intention of Dr. John David and the AMG that, in order to instil self-confidence and the needed initiative, these poor children should be treated on a par with middle class family children. Without proper accommodation and facilities, they will not have the self-confidence. These children will not be able to compete with children from commercial schools; AMG should help these children to be fit to compete in the market when they grow up. Otherwise even after completing their education they will not be successful. We thank the Donors for their love, concern and support for these children.

Items provided by AMG:-

  • Free Education & Free Accommodation
  • Free Food & Free Text Books & Note Books
  • 2 Pairs of uniform & 1 Pair of civil dress.
  • 1 Pair of special dress & Shoes & Socks
  • Ties & Badge & Belt
  • Trunk Box & School Box / Bag
  • Soaps / Oil etc.

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