Residential High School, Rajavolu

AMG Residential High School, Rajavolu was started in 1974, to provide free education to children of Leprosy patients, blind children and children from poor, socially and economically backward families, from Scheduled caste/ Schedule tribe/ backward and other communities, in Rajahmundry and surrounding villages. The school was started with 200 children in a rented premise in Babu Rao gardens, which was a coconut garden. Now there are nearly 1000 children in the school, which is located in own premises.

These children come from different backgrounds viz., blind children, children of leprosy patients, polio children, physically handicapped children, children from slums in Rajahmundry and poor children from villages. These children belong to all castes and religion. The only criterion for selection of children is poverty and physical handicap.

The school has classes from LKG to 10th grade. Initially, the school began as a Telugu Medium school. However, in order to equip the students, to meet the demands of employment, English Medium sections were started, with the aim to convert the school into a fully fledged English Medium school. The school now has English Medium classes from LKG to 6th grade. The Telugu medium sections will be slowly closed.

Since Beginning AMG stared Day Scholar programme for children from Rajavolu and nearby village’s inorder to accommodate more children from distant villages in the hostels. This has facilitated enrolment of more children from Rajavolu village, as they can go back home in the evening. Students from nearby places come to school by walk or by city bus and return in the evening to their homes. This was necessary as the campus was facing water and accommodation problem. Former students of this school, including the blind children, are now working as Teachers, Clerks in Government and Private Sector, Lawyers, Army soldiers, Doctors, Technicians etc.

AMG schools aim at the holistic development of a child i.e. development of the Body, Mind and Soul, in order to mould the personality of a child into as a productive and constructive citizen of the country. Keeping this in view ample opportunities are provided for games and sports and good food is provided for their bodily development. Teaching is done on the best levels and children are encouraged to participate in different extracurricular activities like debate/ essay writing/ painting/ singing competitions Sports and games etc., to instil in them the spirit of competitiveness. These help the child to better utilize his Physical and mental faculties and brings out latent talents in the child. Children are also encouraged to learn spirituality to make them full persons. Children in AMG schools are provided with the following amenities to make their stay comfortable and live in a decent and dignified environment.

It is the intention of Dr. John David and the AMG that, in order to instil self-confidence and the needed initiative, these poor children should be treated on a par with middle class family children. Without proper accommodation and facilities, they will not have the self-confidence. these children will not be able to compete with children from commercial schools, AMG should help these children to be fit to compete in the market when they grow up. Otherwise even after completing their education they will not be successful. We thank the Donors for their love, concern and support for these children.

Items provided by AMG:-

  • Free Education & Free Accommodation
  • Free Food & Free Text Books & Note Books
  • 2 Pairs of uniform & 1 Pair of civil dress.
  • 1 Pair of special dress & Shoes & Socks
  • Ties & Badge & Belt
  • Trunk Box & School Box / Bag
  • Soaps / Oil etc 

AMG School, Rajavolu is supported by the Christoffel Blinden Mission, (CBM) Germany. This was a unique project of CBM, because CBM which is basically into eye-care, took up this school as a special project to help the blind children to have integrated education with normal children. However, after some years, CBM took a policy decision to gradually reduce its support for the school. At this juncture, Dr. H. H. Deichmann, President, Wort & Tat, Germany, came forward to support the needs of the school. Hence, at present, both CBM and Wort & Tat, Germany support the functioning of the school.

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