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DAY CARE CENTER FOR THE OLD AGED PEOPLE : The Word of God indicates that we should respect the aged and care for them. However for a variety of reasons, the aged people are left to suffer from a sense of being deserted by their own kith and kin.

The AMG Day Care Centers have become a ray of hope in the lives of such of these aged people. AMG showers upon them the Christian love and affection by offering sumptuous mid day meals to these aged people every day through the Day Care Centers.


Rajam is a remote village in Visakhapatnam District. The agriculture in and around the village depends upon rains. If the rains are scanty, the crops fail. The agricultural lands in the village are dry. The able-bodied people therefore move to distant places for earning livelihood for their families leaving behind the old aged people in the village. All the inhabitants of the village are living below the line of poverty. Sometimes they live on only one square meal a day.

The institution of AMG Day Care Center is a great blessing to the aged people here. They are able to eat a wholesome mid day meal in the Day Care Center ever day. Presently 30 aged people are taken care here. All of them pray to Almighty God and thank Him for the love showered upon them. They are grateful to AMG for caring for them.


Most of the villagers here are poverty-stricken. The people of this village belong to a particular clan which earns livelihood by performing rituals with oxen. They decorate the oxen with colourful clothing and ornaments. They take these oxen from house to house in the neighbouring villages and seek alms for their livelihood. While doing so, they neglect their old parents. There are about 60 aged people in the village. Of them about 40 are the poorest of the poor. When AMG instituted a Day Care Center here, the joy of the aged women knew no bounds. Presently 40 old aged women are being provided wholesome mid day meals every day. They all remain thankful to Almighty God and expressed their gratitude to AMG. 


There are a number of aged people in Vellanki village. Most of them are poor. With the institution of AMG Day Care Center here, the aged people are blessed with a sumptuous mid day meal everyday. They all praised Almighty God and remain thankful to AMG for the care and concern it has towards them. Presently 100 aged people are taken care of in the Day Care Center.

Some young children in the rural India are illiterates. Their parents do not send them to school due to poverty. Instead they are sent as child labourers to earn a little amount for the family. As they grow up, they settle in menial jobs like labourers, porters, rickshaw pullers, push cart venders, jute mill workers etc.

These young children need to be treated with sympathy and understanding. AMG has instituted a Day Care Center for such of these children in Jeerupeta village near Bheemunipatnam. They are blessed with a sumptuous mid day meal everyday. Presently 70 children are taken care of in the Day Care Center.

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