Free Ration Distributions

The leprosy victims belonging to leprosy colonies at 1) Srikakulam 2) Narasannapeta, 3) Salur Colony, 4) Salur Town 5) Bobbili 6) Phoolbaugh Colony, had been struggling for their survival as there were none to care for them.

They cannot mingle with normal people due to social stigma attached to leprosy. The kind hearted people give them alms that form the normal source of their livelihood. There are however several old and sick leprosy victims in these colonies who cannot move from one place to the other seeking alms. They cannot live for long unless help is extended to them.

The leprosy victims belonging to the following colonies sought help from AMG. Out of compassion of Lord Jesus, AMG has begun providing free monthly rations for the leprosy victims.

AMG provides 10 kilograms of rice, 2 kilograms of red gram dal, 1 litre cooking oil, 1 washing soap and 1 bathing soap per month to each of the leprosy victims. All the leprosy victims thanked Almighty God and remain grateful to AMG for the help being extended to them.

Free Rations to HIV Victims, Vizag

In a survey conducted by AMG, about 100 HIV/AIDS victims had been identified. They are very poor and several of them are disowned by their family members. In the stigmatic society they cannot mingle with normal people.

They cannot work hard due to declining health. They need nutritious food and medicines for their recuperation. Poverty and social stigma has been leaving them with hunger and desperation. A few of them abruptly ended their lives out of vexation.

Showing Jesus Christ’s compassion towards them, AMG has been providing monthly rations to each of these 100 helpless HIV/AIDS victims. Each packet of monthly rations consists of (i) 10 Kgs. rice (ii) 2 Kgs. Dal (iii) I Kg. oil (iv) one bathing soap and (v) one washing soap. 

They are thankful to Almighty God and are grateful to AMG.

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Milk Distribution, Vizag Area

The city of Visakhapatnam is surrounded by a number of slums. The inhabitants of these slums are mostly daily wage labourers. They live in poverty because their monthly earnings are low. They are not economically capable of providing nutritious food, clothing, qualitative education and other amenities to their children.

For their little children, they are economically not able to provide milk as a supplementary food. The children become unhealthy due to malnutrition and imbalanced diet. Some of them contract infectious diseases. These poor little children need help. Over the years, AMG has been extending help to the poverty-stricken slum dwellers through its Health and Educational Projects.

To prevent malnutrition among the little children of an economically backward colony in Visakhapatnam, AMG has instituted a Free Milk Distribution Center at Prasad Gardens, Near Poorna Market, Visakhapatnam. Everyday milk is freely supplied by AMG to eighty poor children through this Center.

The parents of these children are happy and thankful to AMG for freely supplying milk to their children and thus making their children hale and healthy. They are grateful to Almighty God for blessing them and their children through the humanitarian services of AMG. They expressed their thanks to AMG.

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