Ruth Deichmann Hospital

AMG Hospital was started in August 1988 at Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam. Pastors, Evangelists, Church Members and their families from the surrounding villages avail the free medical services at the Hospital. It has adopted the nearby slums for imparting free medical treatment to the poor sick people. These slums are inhabited by daily wage labourers, construction workers, road-side hawkers, etc. They are very poor and they have large families.

Dr. Deichmann and Mrs. Ruth Deichmann have a great vision to serve the poor, the needy and the sick people. Their aim is to make every home a happy home and a healthy home. They desire to make good health a reality for the slum dwellers.

A new five-storey hospital building was constructed with kind help from Dr. H.H. Deichmann. It was inaugurated by him on November 13th 2008. The hospital in the new building started functioning from May 2009. In fond memory of our beloved mother, Mrs. Ruth Deichmann, we have named our Hospital as Ruth Deichmann Hospital.

The operation theatres are equipped with sophisticated medical equipment to conduct general and orthopaedic surgeries.   C-ARM (Multi mobile 5C Image Intensifier), I.V.F. and Laparoscopy equipment are available in the Hospital.  A variety of medical equipment/apparatus available in the Hospital had been pictorially described in the ensuing pages.

Ruth Deichmann Hospital is dedicated to help eradicate all sorts of ailments of the poor and needy people in its sphere.  It aims at making every home a happy home, every person a healthy person and every slum a hygienic slum.  The love and compassion of Jesus Christ is showered upon all those people who benefit from the services of the Ruth Deichmann Hospital.

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