Valley of Love, Adivivaram

AMG Leprosy Relief & Rehabilitation Project at Adivivaram near Simhachalam named Valley of Love was started in the year 1978. The leprosy victims of the Project are engaged in some rehabilitation activities in which they are interested and experienced. Such an engagement will keep them physically and mentally active besides giving them satisfaction on seeing the results of their labour.

The leprosy victims of the colony are given monthly supports every month. Those who are totally crippled and unable to do any work due to their physical deformities are totally looked after in the Custodial Care Units for Male and Female leprosy victims.

AMG gives them food, clothing and all other amenities including medical aid free of cost. There are 50 leprosy patients in both the Care Units (25 each in the male and female Care Units).

Ten children are studying in our AMG Residential English Medium School, Bheemunipatnam. Another 13 children are studying in local schools, 2 are studying Post Graduation and two are studying degree courses. The leprosy victims are given two pairs of clothes, two bed sheets to inmates of Custodial Care Units and 1 to other leprosy victims of the colony and one pair of M.C.R. chappals every year. They live happily in the project and are thankful to the Almighty God. They are grateful to the donors for helping them to regain their self-respect and dignity. Three male and one female children of the inmates have been married during the period under report. Three male and four female inmates died due to ripe old age. New patients had been taken on strength in the place of the demised leprosy victims. 


There is a separate Clinic within the project for the treatment of leprosy victims and their dependents. The inmates of the project availed treatment at the Clinic for 9,456 times during the period June 2008 to May 2009. A total no. of 1274 dressings has been made to the inmates during the period mentioned herein.

There is a Free Clinic for medical treatment of villagers from 12 surrounding villages. They are given medicines free of cost at this Free Clinic. On an average, 70 villagers come to the Clinic everyday. A total of 389 new and 4875 old patients from the surrounding villages availed treatment at the Clinic during the period June 2008 to May 2009. A total number of 289 dressings have been made to them during the period mentioned herein.


There is one qualified medical officer, two A.N.M.s and one laboratory technician. In addition some of the leprosy victims work as hospital workers such as Dressers, Pharmacists, O.P. Assistants, Physiotherapists, etc.  The normal people from surrounding villages who come for medical treatment interact with the leprosy victims thus enabling the leprosy victims to get rid of their social stigma and live on equitable terms along with the normal people.


We have an extent of 11.90 acres of agricultural land. In this, coconut plantation is spread over 5 acres. We have raised paddy crop in six acres. We have also raised a variety of vegetable plants yielding drumsticks, beans, leafy vegetables, Gents toes, lady fingers, batavia, green plantains etc. The rain fall was scanty this year. In spite of it, we have harvested paddy to some extent with the help of water from the bore wells.

Some of the vegetables grown in the agricultural farm are supplied to the Custodial Care Unit kitchen of the Project and also to the AMG Residential Hostel, Bheemunipatnam. Some of the rehabilitated leprosy victims who work as agricultural workers attend to the cultivation work of the AMG Agricultural Farm.


Two leprosy patients underwent “below the knee” amputation. They prefer to acquire artificial limbs, which are supplied at Leprosy Hospitals at Salur and Jaipur, Rajasthan State. We extend financial help to such of those who go in for artificial limbs. Artificial limbs were given to 10 patients whose artificial limbs are damaged to wear and tear. A few others were also given financial help for repairing their worn out artificial limbs, which were procured by them in the earlier years.

TRICYCLES: Two tricycles belonging to the inmates were worn out. We provide help to these inmates for having their tricycles repaired. 


Leprosy victims who are affected with eye complications are referred to the Regional Eye Hospital, Visakhapatnam. They are provided the necessary treatment/surgery at the hospital. This year three leprosy victims underwent surgeries for the removal of cataract. Another 25 were provided financial assistance by AMG towards procuring spectacles for setting right their ophthalmic disorders.


Sunday School followed by Worship Service is conducted every Sunday in the Community Hall cum Church. There is a Church Pastor in the colony. Many of the leprosy patients heard the Truths of the Gospel and accepted Lord Jesus as their personal Savior and baptized. The younger children are taught Biblical parables and also Hymns praising Lord Jesus. The inmates attend revival meetings as and when they are conducted in and around the project.

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