Community Development

A study of the community in India reveals many dark areas where care is needed and help is wanted. The people are largely poor and the society there cannot support itself.

There are many traditions and superstitions linked to different communities, which force the people, many of whom are mainly illiterates, to blindly follow them for fear of social, and sometimes supernatural, punishment. One such community is the prostitute community in East Godavari District. The girls from this community are initiated into prostitution by their elders in the mistaken belief that this is their profession. AMG felt that something has to be done to educate these people and bring them back to normal life, and it started to do its best through the following services.

New life Self Help Centers:

Many girls have no opportunity to go to school or to learn a trade. Some of these girls get a chance to go to school but due to various reasons they become dropouts without completing their education, and without learning a trade to support themselves they are consequently prey to anti-social elements. AMG offers vocational training for such girls to equip themselves with skills and experience. By training them in vocational courses like sewing and tailoring, plastic wire basket weaving etc it helps make these girls self reliant. AMG runs many of these centres at Chirala, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Samalkot, Anakapalli and many other places.

Old Age Homes: 

Mrs. Ruth Deichmann and AMG Officials with the inmates of Heino Home for the aged. In these days when families from villages migrate to urban places in search of jobs and livelihood and in the hope of making it big in the cities, the old traditions and norms are given a goodbye. When these people come to the cities the income they earn is not sufficient to take care of their own needs and consequently the old people at home are left uncared. Aged people in their sunset years are often deserted by their children and relatives and become helpless. They often beg on the streets and die a miserable death.

AMG, out of compassion for their plight and respect for their contribution to the society in their active years, take care of them in its old age homes. AMG runs 4 Old age homes at Chilakaluripet, Kakinada, Peddapuram and Gundalapalli where 100 aged persons are provided shelter and other necessities. We are running 10 Mid Day Meal centers for aged persons at different places in Vizag; East Godavari; West Godavari; Guntur and Prakasam Districts. Nearly 400 persons are benefiting through these centers.

Monthly rations and Monthly supports for aged persons are distributed at Vizag; East Godavari; West Godavari; Guntur Districts. Nearly 500 persons are benefiting through these projects. These senior citizens are provided with free food, shelter and medical care in their old age homes.

AMG takes total care of their needs in their sunset years when they have been deserted by then and relatives and have become helpless.

Homes for Polio Children : 

AMG has 2 separate homes for children of polio victims and other disabled children at Vizag and Chilakaluripet where nearly 150 children are living. Every year we are conducting corrective surgeries for nearly 50 polio children at Vizag; Rajavolu and Chilakaluripet.

Help to HIV/AIDS Patients :

AMG provide Monthly rations to nearly 2000 HIV/AIDS patients along with Anti-biotics and Multi-Vitamins in the districts of Prakasham, Guntur, East Godavari, Visakhapatnam, and Vizianagaram. AMG also helps provide Total Educational support to 2,000 children of these HIV/AIDS patients.

 1.    Financial Help/support to Aged women and unwed Kalavanthulu

2.    Marriage Helps to children of poor and Kalavanthulu;

3.    Medical Helps for poor patients;

4.    Housing Projects for weaker sections; Leprosy victims; Kalavanthulu;

5.    Old age Homes

6.    Street Children Homes

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