AMG is providing free residential education to about 12,000 poor children in 8 schools, 3 Junior colleges, Degree College, I.T.C, Homes of Hope, apart from Slum schools, providing free education with notebooks, text-books, school uniform, civil dress, bed-sheets, towels, feeding, medical aid etc. 

These students are from poorer sections of Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe/ Backward Communities and other Caste/Communities, who are provided Education, Food, Uniform and civil dresses, Text books and Note books and all other necessities. The parents are relieved of the financial burden of the children, while the children are relieved of the fear that they will become child labourers

During the past 40 years, thousands of poor children have completed their High School/ Junior College/ Degree and University courses and are now, working as Engineers/ Teachers/ Nurses/ Accountants/ Doctors and Technicians. The once half-naked, hungry, sick children are transformed into productive and constructive citizens of India, helping in the country's development.

Besides children in AMG schools, AMG is also financially supporting many thousands of children, to continue their education, in schools and colleges in their villages. They are children of Kalavanthulu, Tribals, Orphan children of Suicide Farmers, Children of HIV/ AIDS patients,Blind Parents and Lime Kiln Labour Children. 

Besides providing school studies, AMG also has 3 Junior Colleges, 1 ITC College, 1 Degree College and 2 B.Ed Colleges in various places in Andhra Pradesh. 

Education support to Children of SUICIDE FARMERS: 

More than 1,000 children of suicide farmers in A.P are provided Total Educational support, from school level to University / Professional courses level.

Education support to Children of HIV Patients: 

2,000 children of HIV/AIDS patients of Guntur and Vizag districts are provided Total Educational support. 

Education support to Blind Children: 

More than 500 Blind Children in Andhra Pradesh are given Total Educational support, from school level to University / Professional courses level. 

Adult Education Centers: 

  1. Illiteracy is another major social problem. Most people have no opportunity of education as they have to work from a very young age to eke-out their livelihood. Due to poverty they have no education. 
  2. AMG has 300 Adult Education centers in villages and slums, to provide basic education to 9,000 adults illiterates and to create awareness on different areas of social life. 
  3. We have New Life Centers to train Kalavanthulu / school dropout girls from slums in Tailoring / embroidery / handicrafts to make them productive persons. 
  4. Awareness camps on relevant social problems are conducted regularly.
  5. Mid-Day Meals are provided for old persons.

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