Health is very important, more particularly, for the poor man, whose daily meal comes from his daily work. If a poor man is sick and cannot go for work, he and his family have to go hungry that day, which will adversely affect him on the next day. So, a poor man neglects his health need and goes to work even if he is sick. The hard labour he has to do further worsen his health condition. To solve this difficulty, AMG helped to open many village clinics. 

          Some chronic diseases like Leprosy, Tuberculosis, HIV/ AIDS, need long-term and costly treatment. Being poor and not able to fore go work and spend for medical facilities, the poor man neglects his treatment, which further aggravates his health, leading to loss of human life and finances of the family. AMG has established 4 Leprosy projects for 1200 victims, with permanent houses, treatment and rehabilitation, in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Cured leprosy patients do small works, in which they have experience. 

          To make the patient regain his self-confidence and dignity, AMG pays them salary, AMG also distributes monthly rations to nearly 4000 more Leprosy patients, who are living in various villages. Medicines and monthly rations are given to 800 T.B. patients and 1100 HIV/ AIDS patients. The patients do not get nutritious food as they cannot afford to buy good food because they are too weak to go to work and earn money. The medicines, taken by them, are strong and powerful, so supplies these victims with food and other daily necessities; AMG also supplies Anti-biotics and multi-vitamin tablets, to HIV/ AIDS patients to build resistance to opportunistic infections. AMG intervention, by providing monthly rations to these patients, has a dramatic effect on their lives. The health of many patients has improved and they are able to go to work even though they cannot earn as in the past. The additional income helps them to buy some family needs. Besides the above AMG have 3 General hospitals, 2 Eye hospitals, 6 slum clinics and more than 600 DOTS centers in 7 Mandals of Guntur District.

General Hospitals

1. Nireekshana General Hospital, Chilakaluripet 

2. Ruth Deichmann Multi Specialty Hospital, Visakhapatnam 

3. AMG Ichthus Hospital, Vadarevu 

Eye Hospital

1. AMG Siloam Institute of Ophthalmology, Rajavolu 

2. AMG PAM (Phaedra Antipa Memorial) Eye Hospital, Kadiam 

Free Clinics

1. AMG Free Clinic, Piduguralla 

2. AMG Free Clinic, Chilakaluripet 

3. AMG Free Clinic, Rajamundry 

4. AMG Free Clinic for Child Labour,Yeleswaram 

5. AMG Free Clinic for Tribals, Parimithadaka 

6. AMG Free Clinic for Slum Children, Kakinada 

More than 600 DOTS centers in 7 Mandals of Guntur District

1. Yedlapadu

2. Nadendla

3. Nudurupadu

4. Chilakaluripet

5. Narasaraopet

6. Kotappakonda

7. Nakarikallu

AMG Provides :-

Health Clinics for:- T.B., Gynaecological, Leprosy, Eye, General Hospitals

Medical Camps for :- Eye, Polio,  Gynaecology and Cancer, HIV/AIDS.

DOTS Programme for :- TB victims in rural areas.

Mobile Clinics for:- Tribal areas & Slums.

Leprosy Rehabilitation Centres for- Polio surgeries and Rehabilitation. Physio-therapy, Calipers, Crutches, wheel chairs, Special shoes for Polio and Leprosy victims.

Monthly Rations to:- T.B; Leprosy; HIV / AIDS Patients and Blind Persons.

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