Fishermen Project

Community Development Project for Fishermen, Vadarevu

Introduction: Vadarevu is a seashore village, located beside Bay of Bengal which is 7kms faraway from Chirala town. The habitants are fishermen and suffering with Poverty, deprivation and exploitation by money lenders due to lack of education. Most of the people live in thatched huts and they spend most of the time on sea water for Fish catching.

Women sell the dry fishes in Chirala town and surrounding places. They get scanty income, which is hand to mouth.

Dr. John David, founder of AMG India International came to know their pitiable living conditions and Started different projects to Upliftment of the fishermen community in Vadarevu area with the co-operation of Woord En Daad, Netherlands.

Education is vital role in the life of everybody. So, AMG established English Medium School for children of fishermen in the year 1993 with 330 children. At Present the strength is 1227. We provide education, food, uniform, books and other Amenities to children of fishermen on free of cost. Many students benefited and became Sustainable.   For more information.

Housing colonies construction:

AMG constructed houses with 54 & 124 houses in Krupanagar and Danvaipet of Adivipallipalem, Vadarevu who were living in dwelling huts with poverty. Now, they are leading happy life in pucca houses.

Day Care Centre for Aged women:

Most of the fishermen live below poverty line. They could not provide adequate meal and clothes to their aged mothers. Because of negligence by their kith and kin, the aged women became street beggars worth raged clothes. To remove this begging AMG India International started a Day Care centre. We provide mid day meal, clothes and free medical treatment for such selected 100 aged women.

Free Clinic (Hospital): 

Due to poverty and lack of awareness, the people of Vadarevu and surrounding villages used to take traditional medical treatment. As a result they are suffering a lot and some of them lost their lives also. For upliftment of community AMG started a Free Clinic (Hospital) with qualified Doctor and staff. The Villages of Vadarevu, Danvaipet, Krupanagar, Keertivaripalem, Burlavaripalem etc get medical treatment through this free clinic.

Credit program (Free interest loans for Boats & nets and Thrift groups):
In the previous days fishermen used to Wooden Boats for fishing. Their income is a little. To feed the family, they take loans from the money lenders. Exploited by the money lenders because of poverty. AMG provided Interest free loans to make motor boats and quality nets. In 1st phase 16, 2nd phase10, 3rd phase 10 and 4th phase 10 boats provided. Another 15 boats are under manufacturing. Fishermen became independent and self-sustainable. Provide interest free loans to Thrift group women for women empowerment.

Ice plant cum Cold storage: It is well known fact that every fisherman deserves Ice to keep their fish catch in a good condition. Unless, they would not maintain quality fish. They will not get good price. But they were exploited by the money lender, local business people in selling fish and buying ice. By observing in view of above facts, appeal from fishermen, AMG has started an Ice-cum cold storage and retail work shop for these people. Then, the life style of the community has totally changed and developed self-confidence, self esteem and became self-reliant.  

Adult Literacy program:  Due to lack of education, the fishermen exploited by the middlemen and money lenders. They came to know that education is important for the development individual and community. So, AMG launched and running 50 Adult Education centers in vadarevu area. We provide Teaching aids like slates, black boards, prescribed text books etc.

As a result they learnt adding’s, multiples etc. They came out from the clutches of money lenders. The attendance of the children in the school is increased. Taking traditional medicines reduced and women empowerment increased.

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