Leprosy Project

Name of the Project : Support for Leprosy victims

Status : on going

Target Group : The target Group comes from very poor background .Most of the leprosy victims lost their self- confidence and human dignity in terms of Socio- Economic conditions due to ignorance and non-literacy. There is no proper knowledge and awareness in Leprosy victims.

Goal: To Provide Dignity life in the society

Introduction: The Leprosy victims go their daily bread with a bowl and beg, as Begging is their profession in India the leprosy victims beg at Church gates, Railway Stations, Trains, Masjids, and Temple gates. They depend upon the mercy and charity of others, most of these people cannot work ,but they need food . They totally depend upon others.


  • Distribution of supplementary food regularly to 865 Leprosy victims
  • 10 kgs of Rice
  • 2 kgs of Pulses
  • 1 pair of clothing as Christmas gift (BUNDLES OF LOVE)
  • Decrease Elimination of the poverty through Free Monthly Ration and Support in all respects.
  • Creating self- confidence through awareness programmes
  • Macharla
  • Guntur
  • Piduguralla
  • Ongole
  • Tenali
  • Kandukuru
  • Ponnur
  • Cumbhum
  • Repalle
  • Podili
  • Narasaraopet
  • Chirala
  • Decrease in begging
  • Maintaining good health
  • Creat self- confidence
  • Dignity life in the society.

Strategy Approached: Baseline survey being done by our social worker, by collecting Medical Certificate given by Govt. Medical Officer ,House hold Card (Ration Card) given by Mandal Tahasildar.




  • Decrease in begging
  • Maintaining good health
  • Creat self- confidence


  • Dignity life in the society.

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