Limekilns Project

Name of the project: Day Care Center cum School for the children of Lime kiln Workers, Piduguralla.

Status: On going

Target group: Infant babies, Children of school out and drop outs (Child Labors) and aged people, who worked in Lime kilns.

Strategy approached:

Piduguralla is situated 70kms away from the district head quarter Guntur. It is famous for the production of lime powder and it is called as lime city of South India. Within the 10kms radius about 300 Limekilns and pulverizing factories have established. Here hundreds of poor labourers are employed. Most of them have migrated to this place from the nearby districts. They live in a small thatched huts and Asbestos sheds nearby the lime kilns where they work. Due to polluted air, many of them get diseases like Tuberculosis, Asthma and other respiratory problems. Their income is very low and they cannot afford good nutritious food and medical care, which has left them with no option but prolonged sufferings.

The prevailing situation is victimizing the women; children leave school and work along with parents to contribute a bit in family’s income. As they are made to work at their tender age in the worst condition they become victims to the dreaded diseases like T.B. The women and aged people’s condition is also not better. This pathetic situation prompted AMG and Wort & Tat, Germany to start different welfare programs like Day Care Center cum School, Milk project and Mid-day-meal for old age people.

  • Day Care Center cum School was started to impart education and improve the health condition of the poor children. Now the children of labourers are studying in English medium and enjoying good food and health. They are provided with study Materials, Uniform, Civil dress, Shoes and Nutritious food through breakfast and lunch.
  • Milk project was started to help the poor infants get Supplementary nutritious food, so that they suffer no more with malnutrition and enjoy good health.
  • Mid-Day-Meal for the aged to help the poor old age people get nutritious food at least once a day, so that they do not go out to the streets to beg for their life.

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