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Name of the Project : Milk Project

Status: Ongoing

Target Group: Services render to children marginalized below 2 years age group, who are living in slum areas.



Introduction: The people live in slums are very poor and dwell in huts.  They have no sufficient living facilities like water, electricity, roads, schools and hospitals.  Actually they come from nearby villages for their livelihood.  They have no education, no skills and no technical knowledge.  So they work in garbage’s, drainages, agricultural fields, as rickshaw pullers and auto drivers, they get little amount.

In case of women they work as servant maids, labourers in agricultural fields have no sufficient wages.  They take mal-nutritious food instead of nutritious because of poverty.  As a result they and their children frequently fell in sick due to lack of potentials.  These parents spend excess of money on the health their children. The elders of the community, health workers and Government officials brought this factor to the notice of AMG India International.

Survey: AMG India International took initiative part and engages social workers for getting surveys from the slum areas of Kakinada, Vijayawada and Chilakaluripet, Narasaraopet and Piduguralla areas below the age group of 2 years.

Issuing of Milk:  provide quality milk of 250 ml. each child in the morning time between 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. Mothers along with their babies come and collect the milk and make them to take the babies at the selected centres.

Maintain the records of the project: Survey records maintain.  Identification cards with photos of mother and baby are maintained.  Daily milk attendance register is maintained.

Children are physically grown up and became healthier.

Clothes: At the time of Christmas occasion one set of new clothes provide.

Children are directly benefited and their parents are indirectly benefited through milk project.  Moreover the burden of the parents to provide the milk and expenses on the health care on the child is reduced.

By providing quality milk to the children prevent the deceases and made them healthy world.  Because the child is an asset and pillar of the future generation.

No. of Beneficiaries of the Project: 4,250

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