Polio Homes

Name of the Project : Children of differently abled

Status : On going

Target Group : Victims of Polio, cerebral palsy, congenital deformity and accidentally become crippled.

Introduction: The Project started in the year 1980.  The victims were 55 at the beginning.  Dr. S. John David was on gospel work, the parents of the victims brought them to him for their enlistment.  Mrs. Nelson brought 35 children and joined them in Polio Home, as there were no good living conditions in Ongole.

Identify and select the marginalized victims as per the criteria and on the basis of assessment by the orthopaedic and physiotherapist, when the applications submitted by the candidates/parents/pastors.

Provide physical care i.e. Basic needs like food, clothes and shelter.

  • Nutritious food served free of cost
  • 2 sets of uniform, 1set of set of civil dress and one set clothes on the occasion of Christmas as Bundles of Love.
  • Adequate living facility provide – Spacious dormitories, 24 hour supplying of water and electricity, comfortable both rooms and toilets.  Supply of bed sheets, towels and sleeping mats.

Educational facilities:

(Academic) Admit the victims in the standard schools.  Provide books, stationary and fees. Conduct periodical examinations.  Study hours conduct both morning and evening. Special classes conduct for low achievers.  Academic progress registers maintain. Supplying of daily news papers, monthly magazines and employment news.  Conduct general quiz for getting knowledge and Inelegant Quotient.

(Technical) After school final admit the students in vocational, Technical and professional (Job oriented) courses.  Provide college fees and monthly support.

Medical care: A doctor and nurses make available round the clock.  Conduct medical check-up for every quarter.  Medicines and tonics provide accordingly.  Maintain health register.

Intervention of surgical & therapy exercises: As per the assessment of orthopaedic conduct Corrective Surgeries.  A special unit for physiotherapy and technician make it available.  Make the children to walk with confidence.

Walking appliances: A splint unit makes it available.  Make walking appliances i.e. callipers, crutches, boots, moving trolleys and tri-cycles.  Attend repair works.

Sports & Games: Inculcate the sports man sprit.  Encourage the children to play outdoor and indoor games.

Spiritual nurture: cultivate in the minds of children about the God’s fearing.  Ethical and Spiritual values thought.  Provide the Bibles, Hymn books and heroes in the history

Integration: Admit the children in normal schools.  Removal of architectural barriers.  Build the self confidence in identified group.  Provide needed adoptions i.e. toilets and ramps.  Cultivate the spirit of the competition in the mind of the children with normal.  Arrange corrective surgeries to transfer them as normalcy and mix them with normal children. Provide walking appliances to walk freely in the main stream. Educate the parents/siblings to show positive thinking towards differently able.

Rehabilitation:  Arrange medical / surgical / therapeutic / intervention provide mobility and other appliances. Organize preventative program.  Prepare the children for integration and special education.  Organize self help centres/groups for integration.

Conclusion: The target group transfer in to normalcy and they become independence self sustainable individuals.  Some are working as teachers/lectures / accountants and business man and they are leading dignity life in the society.  Some are became responsible good citizens and social agents for the development of the communities.

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