Name of the Project : Mrs. Ruth Deichmann Project for Visually Challenged

Status : on going

Target Group : Visually Handicapped People and their Children

Goal: To bring them into mainstream life and provide them a decent life.

Introduction: Blindness is closely related to poverty.  Many of the visually challenged people are living very pitiable life being blind. They cannot move or do their work on their own. They depend upon the mercy and charity of others.  Most of these people cannot see and work, but they need food. So, they go out and beg on the streets Railway / Bus Stations, Temples, Churches, door to door etc. Even if they collect money they cannot count how much they earn and how much is stolen by others from their collection. They totally depend upon others.

The Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest State in India with approximately 80 million people. Unfortunately accurate data of the blind people is not available. According Child Rights Commission there are 17000 blind children below 16 years age and 25000 blind adults in the state.  Most of the blind people are use to get their daily bread by begging in the streets.


Target Group comes from very poor background, in terms of Socio-Economic conditions due to ignorance and non-literacy.  There is no proper knowledge and awareness in people. Disability is directly related Poverty.



  • Distribution of supplementary food regularly about to 500 Visually challenged people i.e.10kgs of Rice, 2kgs of Pulses, 1kg of Cooking oil,1 Bathing Soap,1 Detergent Soap
  • 2 pairs of clothing
  • 1 pair of clothing as Christmas gift (BUNDLES OF LOVE)
  • Conducting Awareness Meetings about begging, personal hygiene and importance of their education and about AMBLOPYA..
  • Creating self-confidence through Group Meetings
  • Decrease elimination of the poverty through Free Monthly Ration and Support in all respects.


  • Education Support to their children about 500 children
  • Financial Support to establish (IGP) Income Generation Units about 150 to empower them and develop self-esteem, self-sustainability.

Strategy Approached: Baseline survey being done by our social workers by collecting Medical Certificate given by Govt. Medical Officer, House hold Card (Ration card) given by Mandal Tahasildar.


1. Macharla

2. Piduguralla

3. Tenali

4. Ponnuru

5. Repalli

6. Chilakaluripet

7. Narasaraopet

8. Sattenapalli

9. Guntur

10. Vinukonda.



  • Less dependency
  • Decrease in begging
  • Maintaining good health


  • Leading a happier life like normal people

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