• Teachers’ day Celebrations

    AMG Management and School and College students celebrated Teachers Day today. September 5th –Birthday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, former President of India, is celebrated as the Teachers Day, acknowledging the great contribution of Teachers in training t…

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  • Old age women also plant saplings.

    Old age women in AMG Old age Home planted saplings to protect the environment for future generations. We salute their concern for the safe and healthy living and love for their next generations.

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  • National Sports Day was celebrated in AMG

    National Sports Day was celebrated in honour of the legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand Singh. On this occasion AMG School/ College boys and girls took out a rally to motivate people and encourage children to actively participate in sports.

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  • AMG celebrates World Environment Day.

    June 5th is the World Environment Day. AMG Staff Teachers and children celebrated World Environment Day today, by planting saplings in the campus and removing he bushes and other thrown out materials. AMG Director and other officers spoke to the Staff,

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  • AMG former student Bandi Srikrishna donates Rs. 14,000/-

    Srikrishna is a former AMG School student. Now he finished B. Tech and now is employed. In gratitude to the help and support given by AMG for his studies, he donated his first month salary to AMG, to continue AMG services for the poor and needy. We believe…

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  • Save Trees, Save Earth, Save Lives.....

    The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.....
    Trees were planted in various areas by the children and staff of our schools and colleges.
    Let's do our part to save trees.

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  • Teachers Orientation conducted in AMG Schools.

    We have arranged one-week training programme for Teachers in AMG Schools to motivate the Teachers to teach effectively, so that the students will improve their knowledge and after finishing then prepare for bright future in their lives.

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  • AMG School Vadarevu children learn in play way method.

    AMG School Vadarevu children participated in different activities to improve their skills and learn new skills, in drawing, music, social awareness, environment protection etc. The school Principal Mr. Paul and other Teachers were involved in these personality…

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  • Rations given to Blind persons.

    Every month AMG, with financial help from the donor Wort & Tat, Germany is giving these blind persons in Guntur. The Blind persons who received Ration from AMG, are required to submit copies of their Aadhar Card and Ration card. We help these persons,

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  • Bananas grown in DCC campus.

    The staff and children of Deichmann nagar DCC School proudly present a Banana bunch grown in their school campus.


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  • Cyclone Fani Relief by AMG.

    We are happy that the students in AMG High Schools have written the 10th exams well and have secured good marks. Particularly, we are very happy that 25 students from AMG High School, Chilakaluripeta secured 10/ 10 GPA points. We are extremely happy that…

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  • AMG High School students perform well in 10th Exams.

    We are happy that the students in AMG High Schools have written the 10th exams well and have secured good marks. Particularly, we are very happy that 25 students from AMG High School, Chilakaluripeta secured 10/ 10 GPA points. We are extremely happy that…

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  • Republic Day celebrated in AMG

    AMG India staff and students from AMG School/ Colleges/ ITI/ Nursing School etc celebrated the 70th Republic Day with lot of joy. AMG Director and other leaders recollected the great sacrifices of the leaders, who fought for Indian Independence and how…

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  • AMG School student selected for National games.

    Mayukha studying 9th grade in AMG High School, Chilakaluriepta, was selected for National Junior Athletics competitions to be held from 28th to 31st January in Nagpur, Maharastra. Earlier she came first in the A.P. State level School level Caroms competitions…

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  • New Uniforms given to AMG School, Children.

    Every year AMG is providing 2 sets of uniform to AMG School children. Similarly, we have distribute the 2nd set of uniform to Children from AMG School, Chilakaluripeta.

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  • Capacity Building programme for Staff

    A 3-day (Jan 22nd to 24th) Training programme for AMG Staff is being conducted by Nice Foundation, Chennai at AMG Head Office, Chilaklauirpeta, to build their knowledge levels for motivating and guiding the HIV/ AIDS victims, Blind persons, Leprosy victims…

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  • AMG High School boys won Central Zonal Championship.

    Guntur District Central Zone Games for School Boys was conducted in ZP High School, Kotappakonda from 5th to 8th January. In these games AMG High School, Chilakaluripeta boys played extremely well and secured many prizes including – Games Championship, A…

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  • Donation for AMG

    Manohar Paul son of Mr. E. Jana Ranjan (Staff) and Angel Evangeline daughter of Mrs. Ravanamma, (Staff) working in AMG Area Office, Vizag, got married in Vizag on the 19th January. AMG Director and Deputy Director and all AMG Staff from Vizag attended…

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  • Manisha AMG Old student donates one month salary.

    K Manisha is a former AMG student of AMG High School, Bheemili. Her father works as a private Electrician and does not have a regular income. Her mother is house wife. Manisha was admitted in LKG and completed 10th class in the School. Then, she studied…

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  • Christmas Celebrations & BOL Distribution in AMG HO.

    Christmas was celebrated with joy and piety in AMG and remembered the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, through which God shared His Love and compassion with the Mankind. In AMG, we not only celebrate Christmas with reverence and devotion, but also share God’s L…

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  • Christmas celebrated & BOL given to Leprosy patients.

    We have celebrated Christmas with the 1200 Leprosy patients in East Godavari district. AMG Founder Dr. John David ayyagaru and Chief donor Dr. H.H. Deichmann, Founder, Wort & Tat, Germany, loved these unfortunate Leprosy victims, who were disowned…

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  • Christmas celebrated & BOL given to former Kalavanthulu women.

    We have celebrated Christmas with women from former Kalavanthulu community in East Godavari district. AMG Founder Dr. John David ayyagaru and Chief donor Dr. H.H. Deichmann, Founder, Wort & Tat, Germany, helped these unfortunate former Kalavanthulu…

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  • Christmas celebrated & BOL given to School Children.

    We have celebrated Christmas with students from AMG High School, Rajavolu, in East Godavari district. AMG Founder Dr. John David ayyagaru and Chief donor Dr. H.H. Deichmann, Founder, Wort & Tat, Germany, loved these children, who are coming from…

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  • AMG old students give AMG gift of Rs. 1.00 lakh.

    Madasu Murali and Gopi are brothers, hail from Kancharagunta village in Durgi Mandal and studied in AMG High School, Chilakaluripeta. They acknowledge that their education in AMG High School has inculcated values of life and gave them a positive attitude…

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  • Awareness camp conducted by AMG staff.

    AMG Staff in Chilakaluripeta conducted an Awareness camp on Value of Education, Parental Responsibility and Moral Values & Ethics in deichmann nagar, Chilakaluripeta. It is unfortunate that even after 70 years of Independence and lot of development…

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About Us

Evg. Dr. S. John David, Founder, worked for up-lifting the living conditions of poor people Socially and Economically oppressed and backward persons. As a result of his selfless services, many lakhs of people rebuilt their families.

Who We Are

AMG India International is a registered Christian Social Service Organization, established in 1968, by Evg. Dr. S. John David. AMG stands for 'Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel'. AMG is providing services to the poor, needy people.

Vision & Mission

VISION:- Showing Christ's compassion to the Poor and Needy People.
MISSION:- To help the poor and needy children at risk and marginalized communities irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion and to create opportunities to develop their potential to become self– reliant and self– sustainable individuals.

Our Goal

Holistic development of BODY, MIND & SOUL, of Poor, Needy, Destitute and Sick persons and Children in Slums and Villages, to help them break the cycle of poverty.



Our Motto

Empowering the Poorest of the Poor to become Self-Sustainable and Live with Human Dignity

President & Director

President & Director
President & Director

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Education & Sports

We are providing free education to poorest of the poor students through schools and colleges. Inside the class rooms we inpart best teaching and ourside we encourage the students to participate in Games and Sports. As a result students have got multiple Prizes, Awards and Rewards in District, State and National Level....

Success Stories

Students who studied in AMG Schools, Colleges have settled in their lives and doing better jobs in India and around the World. We thank God for those people who are contributing their Talents and Skills for the betterment of the society....


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